Starburst XXXtreme

The new introduction from NetEnt is a sequel called the Starburst XXXtreme slot. If you want an actual day and night experience, then play two of Starburst games. NetEnt at first didn’t make any apparent alterations to its graphics, sound, and any other features. Therefore, the platform became less intact to the gamers. However, when the upgrade came, the platform didn’t just reproduce the previous game. They incorporated modern visuals and an appealing gaming platform that complements all sorts of gamblers. It’s all broadside fire, and apparently, all the critics have gone silent due to NetEnt.

NetEnt has achieved top-tier goals with the new gaming slot. The team took time to recreate the old slot banger. They have dropped a Koenigsegg-like engine which has caused a stir in the gaming and casino industry. Just like before, users can enjoy and cruise the twinkly background of Starbuck when they make regular levelled bets. However, every spin comes with XXXtreme heightened tension. This game-changer needs you to have money, The company has offered gamblers a slot that has 9 pay lines and 5 reels. Once again, it also provides expanding wilds. With the new embellishment from NetEnt, they’ve added to the mix random multipliers that reach 450x. Further, even more, significant rewards can come from multipliers of various stacked wilds.

The random wild is another feature in this new edition. You can activate this option by paying either 95x or 10x. In return, you’ll receive a single or two Starburst Wilds. So, is this volatile sequel better than the original slot? Let’s continue to find out details about the Starburst XXXtreme.

Game Play

When you’ve reached the gameplay part in Starburst XXXtreme, expect something exceptional and accessible. If you used Starburst, then this would be much easier for you. To start spinning the reels, you need to press the centre button. For you to win, you need to get three identical symbols or more consecutively. It should read on the pay line, and the beginning should be reel number one. In case you land at reel number four, three, or two in the wild symbol, you’ll have to start a bonus game. Do you want to get winning son XXXtreme? There is no specific way to make guaranteed winnings of the XXXtreme slots. The game can’t be controlled because it’s using a randomized generator of numbers. It means that all the numbers get randomly chosen when landing symbols reach the reels during each spin. So, you can be lucky and win the jackpot if you make a pin. You might as well not win it during a play. Starburst has bet levels. For each spin, they range from £20- £100 for each spin. You can begin by clicking on the available icon of coins the choose which bet level suits you. For a paytable, you can select it through the “I” button. All amounts of payout cash are displayed there and relatively apply to your current level of stake.

On the slot, you can play using 3 rows, 5 reels, and 9 strict pay lines. The previous starburst game accommodated 10 pay lines and 5 reels. You can provide a 5,4, or 3 landing option for a winning combination using matched wilds or symbols. They are found from the rights and left pay lines which begin from 1 pay line and 1 reel.
Stake levels range from between 10p and £50 per spin. Click on the coins icon below the reels, then choose from the stake levels shown. Click on the ‘I’ icon to access the paytable. Payout amounts are displayed in cash and relate to your current stake level. It’s friendly and easy to follow.

The available RTP value on the slot is 96.26% higher than the standard 96% slot range. This shows that this game has an unimaginable unique variance for concerned players. The volatility of slots ranks high. When the frequency hots 20%, you can get the fifth spin. If you need to get more significant rewards, you have to take higher risks. The maximum wins can reach up to 200,000x for each spin you place. This is an actual high payout that you can expect to receive from the XXXtreme slot.

You also need to know that various extras come with the game. Part of the things to expect on the platform include the following;
• As a gambler, you have a chance of starting the game by choosing any two options that offer you privileged bets. When you get a single symbol on your game, you can find that it costs 10x on a chance. Therefore, you can go ahead and make relative order that offers two wilds. Further, you can make the pay of 95x for an already made bet.
• You can apply up to the fourth reel in an extra free wild spin. They are expandable and can occupy the whole reels. Therefore, as a player, you will receive a bonus spin which is permanent for space. If there’s an additional wild, you will get another respin.

• Extra wild slots can cause multiplier winnings to increase when you are given free spins. It depends on the chosen symbols for a particular field. So, you can either choose between 2x or 150x. Summation of multipliers occurs in case other wild symbols appear when spinning for a bonus.
• XXXtreme also has functional symbols that are randomly wild. You can catch them to trigger activation. So, they will affect the middle reels. The following concept is discussed in detail later on in the article. You’ll get a glimpse of how the whole process works in the game.

So, what can you expect with symbols? All symbols are similar to those of before. You’ll get various coloured gemstones that are simple when spinning around. Additionally, they come in multiple colours. Expect the get conventional BAR and seven symbols. Their paying Is among the highest in the game.
Users can expect to pay a minimum amount of only $0.10 for each spin at Starburst XXXtreme. This is quite affordable for most of the platforms’ casino players. If you don’t want to use spin features from XXXtreme, then you’ll have to pay $50. However, $9,500 is the maximum amount that a user can play with per spin. It applies through the activation of the Spins feature in XXXtreme.
If you change the bet amount, you can click below the reels where there is a pile of coins. Then, go ahead and pick among the available bets what suit you. Activation of spin features will require you to click on the option of Activate XXXtreme Spins.” There are two options that you can choose from.


Unlike its predecessor, XXXtreme is designed with a slot of high volatility. Due to its nature, the following current game hugely sorts an extensive volatile nature in Starburst. Great variance slots are unique on online casinos. It’s a one-time opportunity from unique platforms that come with such thrilling high roller games. When you Play Starburst XXXtreme, you can ultimately expect to get more extensive produce on cash prizes from Starburst. It will further instigate you to pay more.
There is an insane rush with this thrilling slot. You can access various features and timely bonuses that will inch you closer to winning your jackpot. Some of the other great volatile slots include Dead or Alive, Book of Ra, and Raging Rhino. Because XXXtreme is very volatile, you can expect it to proceed with its spells for long without initiating a payout. Thus, if you are a gamer, you need to be patient and use a lot more cash when playing the game. You can expect better returns when it’s time to cash in on the returns because of your patience.

As we advance, XXXtreme has an RTP of 96.26%. Standard RTP online slots have an average of less than this amount. Through the return-to-player strategy, you can averagely determine how many returns you can get from a game. It means that, with many spins that amount to millions, XXXtreme offers on all spent cash a return of 96.26%. Here, some players will play and win thousands of cash while others will lose and balance the whole cycle. RTP on XXXtreme may rise to 96.45% when a player chooses to play using the slot spin features.

Here is an example; let’s assume that you XXXtreme decided to pay out a total amount of £9500. And, the whole amount that gamblers used was £10,000. Therefore, the payout will become 95% RTP. This would be less than 96.26% RTP which was a reflection of the previous total amount. NetEnt confirms that the amount will be the total payout from the game. So, the actual RTP calculation that combines slot variances can be calculated using millions of spins.
Variance in this take relates to the risks involved in online slots. To simplify this, XXXtreme contains low risks and variances. It also has slot machines of high variances. The following elements of such risks don’t affect the payout. Further, the offered hit frequency from XXXtreme is 20%.

The entire platform has identical visuals to that of the previous starburst platform. It’s something complimentary and amiable. You can expect to see space and planets in the background. Further, the slot showcases dark reels that offer five gemstone symbols of bright colours. They get joined by a golden and 7 lucky red BAR. This is among the most significant symbols in the game. You can either pay 50x, 5x, or 2.5 to receive a total stake. Additionally, you can also manage to receive 5, 4, or 3 landings on the pay line. Starburst wild contains a rainbow star symbol. It carries the most weight insignificance when it comes to the game’s symbols. Furthermore, you can make a substitution of the remaining symbols with a rainbow. You’ll also notice that the symbol triggers a slot respin option. Here are the various symbols that you can find on XXXtreme.

Symbol Payouts

Blue Gemstone

3, 4 or 5 = 0.5, 1 or 3 x stake

Purple Gemstone

3, 4 or 5 = 0.5, 1 or 3 x stake

Orange Gemstone

3, 4 or 5 = 0.7, 1.5 or 4 x stake

Green Gemstone

3, 4 or 5 = 0.8, 2 or 5 x stake

Yellow Gemstone

3, 4 or 5 = 1, 2.5 or 6 x stake

Lucky Red 7

3, 4 or 5 = 1.5, 3 or 20 x stake

Golden BAR

3, 4 or 5 = 2.5, 5 or 50 x stake

Starburst Wild

Substitutes for all symbols/ triggers re-spins

Starburst XXXtreme
Starburst XXXtreme Mega Combo Win

Bonus features

New customers receive a welcome bonus whenever they just sign up and join the Starburst platform. Usually, the bonuses come with a special promo and free spins offers. Additionally, wager requirements apply. This strategy application ensures that new gamers on the casino platform can get an attractive enhanced experience. Furthermore, whenever they have just created their account, they can go ahead and use all the available services.

The welcome bonuses don’t only apply to online casinos like Starburst XXXtreme Casinos. But also, all other businesses use incentives to attract customers. They do this to attract clients to join and purchase their services. You need to pay more attention to gaming services and other sales-related entities. They psychologically engage the customer to purchase by offering them a welcoming bonus. It is like an additional promotion of game reward that gamers receive on a pre-order scenario.

Starburst originally had simple featured terms on its platform. But, XXXtreme still has similar features which are modernized. NetEnt has revamped it and incorporated more extra features to ensure users actively get into the gaming action. The bonus features found in Starburst are three. They include;

Starburst Wilds feature

Starburst wilds offer the best-in-action slot features for gamers. Here, you can land on either the 4, 3, or 2 reels. Additionally, substitute symbols are available for use in the combination of a win. The landing expansion of a starburst wild occurs and fills up a whole particular reel. The next thing is a re-spin which follows a stacked position that locks itself within the wild feature. If you get another wild landing on Starburst, it also gets closed before a re-spin follows up. You can possibly land on another re-spin on the wilds using a 4.3 and 2 wild. Here on this new XXXtreme, it differs a bit from the old Starburst. It has various attached multipliers on the slot. The available multipliers can either be 150x, 100x, 50x, 25x,10x,5x,3x and 2x.

Additionally, you can also manage a landing with more than one wild multiplier. It applies the same combination for its wins. If this occurs, the multiplier values combine to almost 450x, which boosts up bigger payouts for your casino balance.

Random Wilds feature

Similar to the previous starburst gaming slot, XXXtreme has the 5 and 3 slot options. It also featured an iconic random wild symbol. Such a symbol offers random multipliers, re-spins, and a random activation of the “random wilds.” The debut of the new online slot allows players have varying options that they can use to purchase a guaranteed wild of Starburst. You can activate a random wild feature using the 10x to bet on a single guaranteed slot. Further, you can only receive one icon for each spin and 95x in a bet for two wilds in a spin of Starburst.

You need to understand that “random wilds” offer unplanned multiplies that might reach 150x. But, the available number of multipliers can continue increasing when a single multiplier jumps on the reels when you encounter a respins or spins. When a gamer finishes to respin or spin a slot, they can trigger a random wild landing feature. They range from 1-3 wilds. When they get added to the reels, a completion value pops up through a random multiplier. They range between 150x and 2x. When three wild landings happen, you can get an overall massive multiplier of 450x.

XXXtreme Spins feature

The following spin clot feature provides gamers with an opportunity to make a payment fee before they buy spins. Additionally, it guarantees a wild landing feature on Starburst. There are two features that you can expect to find on the bonus XXXtreme spin feature. They include;
• 95 x stake (has a guaranteed landing of 2 wild starbursts)
• 10x stake (has a guaranteed landing of 1 wild starburst)
For the XXXtreme spins, they tend to remain only operational but have the option of getting deactivated. To either deactivate or activate the feature, you can go to the corner at the left, which is found at the bottom of the screen. There, you will find the option of XXXtreme spins. Additionally, its RTP continues to go high and can reach 96.45% when you use this feature. Unfortunately, gamers who are located in the United Kingdom can’t access this feature. Regulations of the Gambling Commission restrict them.

Free Spins

First, NetEnt offers free spins on Starburst only when the gamer triggers it. After more than four consecutive wins from an expanding wild in a bet, you will receive respins. Secondly, you can get Starburst XXXtreme Free Spins from organized starburst game competitions and tournaments. NetEnt is the organizer. They occur on specific dates, and the winner is bound to win a particular prize. It can either be cash, a trip, or anything else that has been set as the winnings. Here, let’s look at the various tournaments available for free spins.

Dux Casino XXXtreme Tournament – Prize share (€150,000!)

This tournament is specifically held between 15th July-2nd August 2021. NetEnt offers a game where players get a chance to win a shared pool price of €150,000. Alternatively, they can win an XXXtreme trip to Dubai of €10,000 or a USA XXXtreme trip of €25,000. Here is a short outline of what to expect in the entire game.
• 90 players – €500 cash prize each
• 1 player – €25,000 USA XXXtreme trip*
• 10,000 players – 10 free spins at €0.50 each
• 1 player – €10,000 Dubai XXXtreme trip*
• The prize pool is €150,000 Or cash alternatives of the same value.
• 20 players – €1000 cash prize each
• Players are limited to getting only 5 tickets daily
• Each raffle ticket from Starburst is 200 spins. This is also a minimum spin that the players need to have.
• The following is the list of eligible countries that don’t qualify to participate in the tournaments. They include; Switzerland, Denmark, Romania, Belgium, Spain, Italy, and Sweden.

Rizk’ Double Speed’ level up on XXXtreme

You can get via Rizk Starburst XXXtreme Free Spins from NetEnt’s game. Players can get a Double Speed when using this slot. The dates and time range between (15/07) 10:00 CEST and 30/7 (10.00 CEST). When using the Wheel of Rizk, you’ll level up and get more extra chances of grabbing prizes. Further, you can play 9 pay lines and 5 reels on the classic slot. The maximum bet available that you can win is 200,000x.
• Re-spins
The wilds from Starburst that land on your reels offer the payer a Re-spin. It also covers a whole reel that comes with locked wild.
• Multipliers
The wilds in Starburst offer almost 150x as the random multiplier. When you win more, you get more multipliers that come from the re-spins and spins. Usually, the sum is multiplied by the wins that you get from all multipliers.
• 1-3 starburst wildlands as features of a random wild. During activation, the middle reels get affected.
• Rizk race occurs during the following dates; 30/7, 22/07, and 16/07/2021 (21:00 CEST).
• €650 as price pool

Unibet – Win a share of €10000 for XXXTreme Play

Expect fireworks when you Play Starburst XXXtreme on Unibet! The light speeds travel through the locked respins and multipliers for winning. You can win up to a maximum of 200,000x. This tournament is extremely unique. It involves the best 250 players sharing €10,000 in winnings. You can expect the following when playing:
• Selected games played on 16/07-22/07/2021 between 12:00 to 23:59 CEST.
• A €10,000 cash share among 250 players

Videoslots – Play XXXTreme and get Weekend Booster

Among the biggest online casinos, Videoslots offers its users more than two thousand games. And this number seems to expand more day in day out. The casino offers interesting bonuses and free games to play. Users can sign up for their account anytime, and they receive within few seconds their first reward. After the registration, a gamer can access the starburst video slot and play eleven free spins. Additionally, they don’t need to make any deposits, but they can win real cash with the free 11 spins. You can receive a bonus of up to 100% when you make the first deposit. Here, you’ll make real money in addition to the deposit you’ve made. You can also get free cash of €10 deposited in the Videoslots account. If you want, you can go ahead and bet on more casino games with the 2,000+ earnings you receive. The rewards and bonuses from free spins come wager free from the Videoslots.

This is the biggest portfolio on Starburst XXXtreme Casino slotting machine. The popularity of Starburst on the platform has created a free play when users get to join the Videoslots casino. Video slots offer free eleven spinning rounds on Starburst when a user first registers. Users begin their free rounds only when they open a game after getting registered on the platform. Your casino balance increases each time a gamer hits the winning spin to get winnings. When the eleven free spins are over, the total winnings get transferred into your account balance. Therefore, you can go ahead and begin playing other Videoslots games to get more winnings in your balance. The available bonus extends up to €200 when you make a real deposit the first time.

Starburst XXXtreme Casinos

Casilando – 100% up to £/$300 + 90 free spins

Rant Casino – 100% bonus up to £1000

Duelz Casino – 100% bonus up to £100 + 100 Free Spins

LeoVegas Casino – Unlock up to £100 Cash + 20 Wager-Free Spins

NetBet Casino – Up to 500 Free Spins


Here, there’s a table that shows all the stats of the XXXtreme slot. You will find all the significant features outlined. It includes the volatility of the game plus the betting amount that a gamer can use. NetEnt features a free game on their page. You can alternatively begin playing in top casinos using real money, which incorporates the XXXtreme slot game.

RTP – 96.80

Volatility – low

Paylines – 9 payline slot

Min bet – 0.01

Max bet – 200

Max Win – 40000x

Symbols – 5 reels

Release date – 15 July 2021

Manufacture – NetEnt

Similar games

Toki Time This star game captures the beautiful essence of Starburst. It is totally unique and has various features. If you decide to play the game, expect to find a Thunderkick Toki Tie Slot Machine. The game is among those which become instantly memorable. It has small colourful clitters that come from tiny volcanos and explode. Then they begin to hand in the air as you dazzle on your wins. This is such an innovative and cute design. At the end of the games, you will receive a similar top slot to that of Starburst. Thus, don’t overthink the 10 pay lines and 5×3 reels.

Banana Odyssey Has 10 pay lines, reel re-spins, expanding wilds, the boot of low variance. Both way reels pay:

  • Reel Splitter 81-win ways
  • Over 4 reels
  • A fruit machine theme
  • Space or gems
  • 4 wins trigger a special bonus
  • 5th reel available
  • 243 ways of winning a slot machine


Outsized options in betting are the right category of words for what XXXtreme Starburst offers its players. The new game has additional multipliers. Brilliant predictions from most users make the game have a totally unique user experience. Before, Starburst didn’t have almost 450x multipliers like now; hence the game wasn’t that much fun to play. It offers an entirely new dimension.
NetEnt, as a developer, has become the most widespread at an online casino. It has earned its worth by getting names as the NetEnt hosts of slots. The platform works with various reputable Starburst XXXtreme Casinos that offer their slots. To this extent, they ensure that anyone playing gets a fair game and genuine software. Also, apart from such bonuses, there are other negotiable and exclusive offers that you can get when you access the casinos.
Further, potential has maximumly reached stratospheric heights due to the thrills that come with the game. You can get up to 200,000x in a bet as the set win cap from NetEnt. This means that it is a combination of respins, stacked Bars, and maximum multipliers.
Lastly, even if the Triple “X” connotations don’t seem like the appropriate letters for this game title, it’s still suitable for advertising purposes. Neither is the game false. Users can expect an XXXtreme game in various aspects. As it still maintains everything its old version had, the new platform offers more than a low volatile and gentle gambling temperament. Its explorations offer gamblers more than just cheap. Players get challenged when tackling their new favourite game as compared to their old favourite. You need to head to starburst and begin playing your casino games from here.

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